Monday, 19 June 2017

London Hikes - Amersham Loop

A view of Amersham town at the start of the walk.
This beautiful hilly walk takes you around the south and west of Amersham and then back. I measured it at 19.3 km or about 12 miles in old money.
There are a few ups and downs (300m) so given that and the length you are expected to be pretty fit to take this walk on. Details are on my Strava account and the link to the page is HERE.

The walk starts at Amersham station which is accessible by Rail (from Marylebone) or Underground (Metropolitan Line) lines. Come out of the station and do a left and go under the railway bridge - cross the road and the walk starts from an alleyway down the side of houses next to the bridge. Head up to Parsonage Wood and take a left along the bottom so the houses are on your left. It's a beautiful bit of woodland but it doesn't last for long - soon the woods end and you are out in the open on a large field looking down to Amersham (main town). Follow the path down - left at the graveyard and follow again out the other end of the farm area.
Across the River Misbourne to open farmland.
You will cross two roads as you follow the River Misbourne, The A416 - straight across this one and the main A355 cross diagonally - you'll see the public bridleway side by a gate on the opposite side. After a walk through a field with some very long grass you'll come to farmland again with some beautiful rolling hills (pic 3)
heading towards Bottom House Farm Lane.
From here you go up the hill then left (south) heading towards Bottom house Farm Lane. Before you get to Botrells Lane do a sharp right and head north west - please see my map / GPS for more. You are now head towards Coleshill - where you will find the Red Lion - it was close for a refurb when I walked past - gutted about that! There's always another time! You will also pass the All Saints Church of England which is opposite the pub...
All Saints Church of England
Keep following the trail - you are now heading towards the A404 - Amersham road , which you need to cross. Again it is easy to follow the public bridleway signs at this point and on the other side some country roads take you up to Cherry Lane - at the junction take a right and then the first left (Highlands Model Farm) - see the map.
Friends at Highlands Model Farm.
Follow the trail over to Turkey Wood where for a short time you will be travelling west. However, you turn right at Mop End Lane and head in a north easterly direction - you follow the route of the old Mop End Land through an alleyway made of trees and shrubs. At the bottom of the hill you join the South Bucks Way and do a right heading back to Amersham past some more exciting landscapes and a nice lake (on your left). This area is called Lower Park.
Lower Park - Amersham.
Not far to go now. When you leave the park you circle a couple of cricket grounds before you see the graveyard again which we walked past at the beginning of the trail. turn left here back up toward Parsonage Woods. From here its a very short walk back to the station.
Turkey wood.

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