Thursday, 11 May 2017

Italy part 5

Pic - inside Duomo di Siena

May 9. I'm currently in Sienna, and I have been here for 2 days.. Tuscany is everything I expected, beautiful rolling hills and ornate trees lining roads - almost every house is worth photographing. There are olive groves and vineyards, farm lands and just everything fits like it had been placed there.
As a photographer its a bit of a dreamland. Yesterday I visited Sienna - a very beautiful city - you guessed it, perched on a hill.. With towers, piazza's and cathedrals this is such a lovely place. I toured it very quickly and had dinner in the main square (Piazza del Campo)..  The food was delightful but also fairly expensive, if you want to save some Euro - don't eat it this area.  However, it's nice to treat yourself every now and then.

Today I spent the whole day driving around the area looking for landscapes to shoot - its not hard around here trust me. So I've gone to quite a few locations and racked up the mileage on the car.  Worth it though as I've ended up with some good images. At this time of year (May) there are poppies in the fields which make great subjects. The skies were cloudy both days but this is perfect for me - interest in the sky as well as the ground, plus the clouds form interesting shadows on the hills.
Pic - sunset over Tuscany near Sienna

I must mention the property I'm staying at here.  Villa Sant'Andrea - and it is a villa - a huge mansion like place - my room is enormous and so is the bathroom - no bath though. It's old and quirky, i just love it - I think for a couple it would be perfect - very romantic and is only about 3 miles from Sienna itself.  Tomorrow I travel not far - to Florence. I'm going to stay there 3 nights as there is more I can do from there as a base..  I'll update you from there.

Pic - road close to Volterra, great for cycling :)

10 May - I've arrived at my B&B just outside of Florence. I'm here for three nights as the city is so big. I landed about 2pm after doing some more touring in the car through Tuscany - It's a wonderful place and I find it enchanting. It's a popular place for photographers so it is difficult to find something new and unique. In the afternoon I found a large lake north of here which was interesting and a good way of spending a couple of hours...  I'll leave it there as I have to plan my city walk tomorrow and think about the days I have left in Italy when I finish here... not many.. Ciao!

More images from the trip..

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