Saturday, 6 May 2017

Italy part 3

A couple of days have passed so I thought I'd write down some notes. Firstly Naples or Napoli - I decided it best to get the train in from my hotel in Caserta and see the city from my feet.  I finally got to Central Station because the first time of asking I missed the stop! So here's the news, its called Piazza Garibaldi for my train - Central Station is the level above - noted!
Pic - Piazza del Plebiscito
So I went back and got off the train where I should have and started to stroll.  Once you find the historic trail it is hard to lose it - and Naples has plenty to offer although on my visit lots of repair work was being done. For time saving I did not go inside any of the venues just observed and took photos from the outside.
The weather has been beautiful and this day was also very hot - plenty of reasons to enjoy a Peroni in one of the many bars.  I also went to the port to get some images of the sea and Vesuvius in the background - later in the day I ventured up through the winding narrow streets to get a view of the city from above - well worth the effort!

Today was busy and more expensive but well worth it - paid off my hotel in Naples and headed for Vesuvius  - it is not hard to find. Cost..  If you have a car with many people - great.  However solo it is probably best to take a paid for excursion for this and Pompeii also. Unlike many other Parks who just charge once at the entrance - Italians do it slightly different - take Vesuvius for example. Cost to park 5E..  You can walk the 2km to the starting point or pay an extra 2E for a minibus return.. That's not it - when you get to the starting point you will need another 10E for the entry fee. It's frustrating! Personally I'd rather pay something like 20E and not have to pay again - much easier..  There are many refreshments stalls on the short hike also - I wondered if these were part of the Park or not..
The views (it was a clear day) from the top were worth it all -  and the crater was impressive although not as much as Etna a week ago.
Pic - Looking across from Vesuvius towards Pompeii

It was an easy hike - all done under two hours and no need for boots.  Next over to Pompeii which was very close by - I parked the car in the car park (2.5E per hour) and headed to the entrance - the cost to get in 13E - well worth it.  Pompeii ruins are huge. I only spent a couple of hours walking around but could have doubled that easy.  One thing I will say is that they do not allow Tripods in the Park - for whatever reason.  But they will look after it for you, for free in the baggage area.

From Pompeii I fly up the motorway and I have found my B&B in Rome - I've booked for 3 nights but that could change yet - I'll have to see on my first visit downtown, tomorrow..  Ciao!!

More images from the trip..

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