Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Italy part 1

Catania is a beautiful city and is seen well from the top as well as below at ground level..
Pic - Catania at sunset
Part one of Italy is complete, I'm now waiting on a ferry to the Italian mainland. This is a beautiful place but spoiled by the rubbish, it's everywhere! Today I hiked Mount Etna and there was lots of roadside rubbish on route.. Dumped stuff, it's a shame and hopefully the rest of the country will be better than Sicily, I will let you know! So Etna was the highlight for me so far, and it was good to get the hiking boots on.. plenty of photos obviously!!
Pic - Hike up a crater near Mount Etna
Yesterday was bank holiday here so I toured the island getting some shots on route, so nice seeing houses on the tops of hills and wondering how they got there.
The roads are awful too, so much so that driving is making me feel sick, not the norm! Ferry has arrived so I must dash… got to find a place to stay for one night over on the mainland.
I’ve found a B&B in Palmi - hopefully get a good night's rest here and head towards Naples tomorrow - the plan (in my head) is to stay there for a few days just outside the city.  :)

More images from the trip..



  1. Ray just read your post! Glad you're enjoying Italy so far! (Pity about the rubbish); Naples from when I visited a while ago isn't a patch on Rome plus it's a not a clean city either! Hope you find a good place to stay! Enjoy!

  2. Glad you're having s good time, shame about the rubbish. When I visited Sicily years ago I thought it was beautiful but then that was at least 18 years back lol Couldn't hike up Mt Etna as there was smoke belting out of it everywhere . Impressive tho. Nice to read your blog :) take a sickness the pill for the driving lol and stay safe on the roads - they're mentalist drivers in Italy! Have fun look forward to reading the next update