Friday, 5 May 2017

Italy - Driving

Ok so I've decided it best I dedicate a post to driving in Italy. Now to be honest I'm a fairly aggressive driver anyway - this means I go for it rather than dither - not full of road rage! So I picked up my car at the airport in Catania - it was late and dark so I'm losing the game already..
However, the sat nav on my phone helps and it gets me close to my accommodation - I'm already part of the rat race that is the Italian driver phenomenon.. After a few days on the road I can frankly give my opinion on driving over here just in case you were in any doubt..😊
The 'Drivers' Rules:

  • Ignore road signs - especially speed limits
  • Tailgate everyone
  • White lines - get one wheel either side of these
  • Round-a-bout = free for all
  • Pedestrians  = targets
  • The horn is your friend
  • Overtaking - do this as often as you can
  • Police Cars - overtake these also
  • Mirrors - why bother?
  • "Impatience is a virtue"
  • 6th Gear - no point
So the above would apply to most drivers in Italy - however not all. I'm not putting these people in a box but trust me when I say about 75% would fall into that category...
I actually enjoy driving out here because they just get on with it - A to B and the middle doesn't matter - its all good fun believe me but if you are coming over and you are thinking of driving, if you dither - don't.
Other points some of the hilltops towns have very narrow roads - there is little parking but you can find it if you keep looking. Some of the roads are also very bumpy even the main E roads are not even - I've been on only a handful so far of nice even roads. You are also looking at pots holes and cobbles to add to the fun.. Not as bad as South America but still worth noting when choosing a car.

Lastly from a pedestrians point of view.. Italy is littered with what we in Britain know as Zebra crossings - these are crossing points but do not expect the cars to stop while you wait on the kerb.  This is not going to happen because, as above, you are dithering..  Walk out in front of a vehicle and keep going until you reach the other side of the road - they will slow down or at least swerve out of the way - lol.. Scooters are the worst they even mount the pavement to avoid traffic jams to so be warned! At some of these crossing points there are buttons to press which will cause the lights to go red and the traffic will eventually stop - the one thing they do stop for is a red light :)

More images from the trip..


  1. Haha! Told you they were mentalists! I'm an agrresive Drive also but NO way would I drive there lol.
    Oh well at least you're having a blast & seem to have fired in well with the other mentalists haha!
    Stay safe dude xx

    1. its great really - just having some fun - perfect driving for me here :)

  2. Jay would love the driving rules.. ha ha brilliant