Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hadrian's Wall - attack plan!

Monday 18th (May 2015) is the big day... Sunday I'm travelling up to Carlisle via Newcastle. I'll be staying in Carlisle and getting a bus to the start point first thing in the morning - the start point is Bowness-on-Solway. From there I'll be following the Hadrian's Wall National Trial back down through Carlisle and out again towards Walton which is approximately where I  will spend my first night.

I've been planning this for a while but It's a tough one because I am doing it totally on my own with no support. Which means I carry everything up to the start and back from the end - I'm camping out which means I have to take everything I need on my back.. It has to be a minimum and food and water can be obtained along the route which eases the burden.
The weather looks reasonable for the first day but the night looks a wet one - I guess I'll see what happens on route, however, everything has to be wrapped in plastic and kept dry. I was taking robust trainers but I have thought better of it and will be taking the boots instead.
Day 2 should take me to around the Warden area - again rain is forecast so not too many photo opportunities unfortunately. I'm hoping for a dry night on Tuesday as Wednesday is my last walking day into Newcastle. Day 3 looks wet again and the brightest thing about it is I'll be reaching my goal at some point late afternoon / evening. The final goal will be to find a good place to stay with a hot shower!!
So there you have it.. sounds simple but this is going to be a tough one.. I'll send out some updates as I go so look out for those of my Facebook page > 

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