Monday, 2 March 2015

Hadrian's Wall Challenge 2015

So another year another challenge - however this year has a particular ring to it as I will be 50 years old in March.. Yes -  you can't beat time and there is certainly no slowing it down so you have to glide along with it enjoying its ups and riding the downs.. Which is pretty much like the challenge I have set myself here..
A walk along Hadrian's Wall which is 84 miles long and pretty much from coast to coast - I've set myself 3 days to achieve it and just for giggles taking all my own equipment with me - the only thing I will take on board as I travel is water and maybe food - I'm not sure of this yet...  more to come on that.
My charity stays the same as it has been for many years now - the Meningitis Trust have supported me through thick and thin and now re-branded Meningitis Now ( ) continue to do so. I'm happy to raise money for them knowing of all the hard work they do for people affected by this awful disease. Lately they have pushed a new vaccine and will hopefully get this out to all children but this only prevents some forms and there is therefore plenty of work and support still to do -  no mentioning the awareness which should be higher on many family's minds than it actually is - see the link above for details.

Back to the plan - which at the current time is fairly loose - I have an event page on Facebook : which at the time of writing this says May 17 but I have actually taken 2 weeks off work at the end of May and will decided nearer the time when the attempt will be. So until then plenty of training in boots and with my large rucksack attached to my back... I've been strengthening my knees and ankles with various exercises which seem to be doing the trick.. I am looking at an aprox weight of 10kg for my rucksack - but I'm afraid it looks like going over - the big question is: Do I take my favourite camera, or not?? 3 days of walking means 2 nights in the field - so I am taking a lightweight tent etc..  Tent, mat and sleeping bag all take up the most room and are fairly heavy - however, water is always the heaviest of commodities and I will be needing to fill up as I go which means I may have to veer off track and this means extra mileage. This leaves food which can be heavy but not in dried form such as noodles - so the jury is out on if I take all my food but hey, it's only three days... hmmmm.
For those that know, I'll be doing the walk from west to east, that is to say I'll be starting in Bowness-on-Solway and finishing up in Wallsend. Please don't ask me why I'm doing it this way round but from a map it looks like the logical direction to me - plus Newcastle has some nice hotels and I also find that a bit of a carrot. So in May I'll be going back to my Roman roots and walking this historical path for charity, I hope you can support my journey which I shall also be updating here... for now, thanks for reading.

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