Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Enterprise - Car Hire, Are you insured?

When you hire a car - you are insured.. right? Well with Enterprise you appear not to be... How do I know -  well they are taking me to court for the cost of a car which I apparently caused. So to be clearer I must give you a bit more information....

This year in March I went to Cumbria on holiday and hired a car from Enterprise. The day I was to take it back it broke down - I had it picked up and I with the car was dropped at the car hire hut and thought nothing more of it.

1 week later I realised I had £750 taken from my bank account... Yes, Enterprise had taken it. I called them and asked why - they said that the garage had informed them the car had water damage ... and was a write off...!... Hmmm.. These calls went on for a few days and what happened next nearly knocked me over - Enterprise were now claiming I had driven in a negligent manner causing the water damage in the engine..

So I thought back and yes, the day before I took it back it had been raining and there were pools of water on the road here and there... not particularly deep* and in my mind not deep enough to cause this damage. When driving through puddles I always watch the car in front go through first and then follow slowly.. I'm sure you have done this yourself? I have done this many times before  and never had an issue..  Besides if that were to blame surely the car would have broken down then? Not 24 hours later and after few more hours driving... very strange.

Apparently Enterprise say I am to blame and I owe them the money for the car -  which is a lot as you can imagine...!   They are TWO things wrong with their statement in my view..

1 ) I did not and never have driven a hire car in a wreck-less and negligent manner
2 ) I thought I was insured £750 would have been my excess.. but no, they want everything.

So - when you hire a car//  Please don't go with Enterprise because if something happens to it, they will say you are at fault and end up chasing you...

This is a multi nation billion dollar company and they cannot push us around like this.

tell them what you think..   @Enterprise

not particularly deep* = 5-6 inches


  1. Wow! So, how do they go about proving all of these allegations? Are you supposed to just take their word for it? I wouldn't pay them anything, including the 750 they charged to your card, until satisfied with some answers on THEIR part. Why is it the consumer ALWAYS has the burden of proof?

  2. UPDATE: the other day I got the great news that Enterprise has dropped their case against me. I cannot tell you how relieved and happy I am - happy because I stood up for what I believe in, my rights. And someone somewhere saw that sense in the end. I've had not statement from Enterprise - so no apology but that is hardly surprising after all that has happened which to me is still a bit of a joke - but I can take this now and move on knowing that if you fight for what you know is right, justice will be served in the end.