Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Millennium Footbridge - London

Originally uploaded by Ray Wise
A calm sunrise on the River Thames with the Millennium Bridge in the frame leading towards the shard and other famous landmarks which are also reflected in the still water.

The serene scene was caught on the Thames at low tide (6-4-13).. I've spent a few years now taking photos from various locations along the Thames Foreshore. It's such a unique perspective that I thought it would be nice to make a show of it. This will be my first exhibition so I thought I'd make it worthwhile in case it flops... However, I'm sure people will find it interesting enough at least to rouse some good comments..
The travelling show will be called Blood, Sweat and Tides, which will be a collection of images taken from the foreshore of the River Thames. It will move from various bars along the river throughout the summer (June - Sept 2013) ... At the end there will be a day or two (TBC) of a proper exhibition where you can come and meet me and express your thoughts etc.. Of course, all work shown will be up for sale (prices TBC) and there will also be a book to accompany the show...
More details to be revealed in the coming days / weeks..

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  1. Great pic Ray, great way to share them too.