Friday, 5 April 2013

Second Place!

I'm very pleased to say I got a second place at the Thames 21 Photographic competition this year. This was a great bit of news especially as the other entrants were all of a very high standard. My entry is called Autumnal Fantasy and here it is.

The scene was shot at Kew Bridge (you can see it in the background) about 2 years ago and is one of my favourites.. So I'm really glad it's got some recognition.
The collection of commended and winning photos are on display at the Royal Maritime Museum in Greenwich until the end of this month (April 2013). After which it will move to Three Mills Studios.
I'm also pleased to announce I'll be putting together a touring show of images this summer at various locations along the Thames..  It will be entitled Blood Sweat and Tides, and this will encapsulate my thoughts and feelings about this most famous waterway and a few of its landmarks..  More to come on this as it is still a work in progress...

More images from the show (the second one down on the left with the purple tone is the winning entry)  
This one is my favourite....


  1. Congrats Ray. Well deserved and I'm sure first place is just around the corner.

  2. congratulations!!!! it's such a beautiful photo and I photograph quite often from Kew Bridge. well done