Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Games Maker...

So as a few of you already know I'm going to be helping out at the Olympics when it comes to town this summer. I got a volunteer role as a 'Games Maker', which means I'll be helping London to deliver the best that we can offer to the world.
So I will have to work along other keen like minded peeps from all over the UK, for me this is an exciting thought... a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are things I'm not aloud to report to you on but these are the fine details only - I can say that I will be working with the cycling team on the road races.

So today was our induction - this was held at Wembley Arena. For 4 hours or so we were entertained by the likes of Eddie Izzard, Lord Coe and a host of other guests that talked about how important our roles would be within the Games... Here's a photo of the moment Lord Coe walked or should I say jogged onto the stage...

As you can see there are a lot of people in the - aprox 10,000 in each sitting.. so with 70,000 Games Makes all together, they have a few days left of talks yet.. After this day we will have training which is more orientated at job specific roles.
We also got introduced to the uniform we will be wearing... and indeed keeping after the event - which is nice.. It's all made by Adidas and I must admit it looks pretty cool considering the colours they could have come up with.. Weird lapels and cuffs aside, I'll be happy wearing it - and with a bit of pride too :)

The also give us trainers which are made just for the event and so they will be a very rare keep sake after.. Can't be bad eh? I'm now feeling more part of a team after todays meeting - a massive team - a team that look organised and efficient.. I can't really tell you what it means to me for the Olympics to come to town, not just for now but for the future tourist industry - the generation of jobs and the interest in sport that children and indeed adults will get from it.. This is what drives me - and if i can be a little cog in a big wheel then I'll be happy with that..

Ok, I'll give you another report once i've been on my next training day - and yes as soon as I get that uniform i'll be posting a photo on here... as you do ;)

Ray x

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  1. Awesome Ray.. So jealous lol And to get to keep those rare souvenir trainers :) How cool is that? Will have to try and nick my running club buddy Maries pair lol Her and her hubby were lucky enough to get through too. Well done mate, so pleased for you. Can't wait to hear next update :)