Wednesday, 13 April 2011

MDS 2011 my story

It's hard for me to explain why i entered the Marathon des Sables... Ever since i saw a Channel Four program on it i was hooked... This looked like the ultimate test for body and mind- something different, something unique.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mds update

Sorry to not write after race day 5.. I had to go straight to medical as my right foot had inflamed twice the size on the ankle.. Basically i had to limp the whole day which took ages, i had a few tears at the end and went off to doc's. Aparantly i have an infection so iwas given pain killers and antibiotics..
Today was the last day and although it was short it was long and painful again.. Ive limped thrw the last two days remembering your messages which have really kept me motivated, so thanks:)
More tears today as i passed about 10k and although i was in a world of pain i knew then that i would finish , and finish i did! Everything was worth it in the end,
more to come when i return home...

As you can see i have a rather swollen right ankle!

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