Tuesday, 15 March 2011


So I'm back from the US.. back from a holiday I will never forget in a hurry. With its vast epic landscape Arizona did not fail to disappoint.. as Utah did the same and in fact - out of the two Utah for me came out on top with more to offer..

Arizona: The Grand Canyon

Most of Arizona sits on a platau of around 6,000 feet or so making it great for altitude training. Walking up and down hills was a hot and sweaty business - let along running! Unfortunately though I didn't get much time for running out there - but got plenty of hiking in and by the end of the week had done lots of walking up and down large elevations..
Needless to say I have about 2,000 photos to sort through now and some videos which i took for fun along the way.. The best of the photos will be posted on my Flickr account over the next few weeks..
As far as training for the MdS goes - I'm back on that starting from today! Can't wait to get into my routine again although the weekly mileage won't be as high especially in the last week as i taper down and 'try' to put on a little weight.. that'll be fun.

Please remember the run IS for charity and you can donate by following the instructions on this page : http://www.justgiving.com/mds2011 - every little helps either dollars or pounds, no matter where you are in the world..

..more to follow :)