Monday, 31 January 2011

59 Days to go!

So it's now less than 2 monthes until we fly out to Morocco.. woot to that!.. So what's been happening?..
So as promised I recorded all my miles last week and managed 61 all together.. that includes 38 miles of running,., On Saturday I got a strain on my achilles.. had to walk the last bit and it's going to put me out of running for a while.. that's bad news but not the end of the world - i have to do lots of walking anyway so i've upped the weight in my rucksack and started to go on some long walks.. I've been asked to do some cycling too so will do that tonight also.
Testing wise I have had one of the larger sleeping bags out and tested it in temps of 10C.. It works fine - no chill factor even with no clothes on ;) .. More food has been tested this week and also some socks!.. These are the socks in question...

Injinji socks have slots for each toe - rather like a glove for the foot.. some of my toes are not the straightest and can cause rubbing and blisters.. these boys will sort that out and are very comfy too.. the plan is to wear these as a base layer then the Wrightsocks over the top of them.
We also had a laugh testing my blood group at home the other night - its actually very accurate... I hope!
REMEMBER I am still on the look out small corporate sponsors.. if you think your company might be interested - please let me know!
We've managed to raise over £6,000 now for the Meningitis Trust - if you have not donated yet - every pund or dollar helps.. you can do that here:

ATB Ray x