Monday, 24 January 2011

66 Days till MdS

So Rob and I have got together and he thinks it would be a good idea to blog weekly, right up until I leave for the MdS on March 31,, M Day! Every Monday I will be letting you know what's gone on over the past week and bring you up to date with fund-raising etc..

Jan 24.. 66 Days to go till I leave for the Marathon de Sables.. Nervous>? A few friends have asked.. no, not really - I'm more worried about forgetting anything rather than being nervous just yet.. So we have put together a calendar for the kitchen wall to let Rob and me, know what we should be doing and when!

the calendar in all its glory ;)

For those that missed my last blog - Rob is a great friend who happens to be my flatmate as well.
So this will help when it comes to organising and remembering things - hopefully , so I won't forget to test or try anything and then re-order it if necessary..

This last week has been very productive - mainly I have secured a bar for a party with the help of another great friend - Amanda.. All the details are on Facebook and the small fee collected on the door will be donated to my charity..

Speaking of which, there has been a few significant donations to the sponsor page this week and the total now stands at £5,837.00 - you can see the page for yourself and make a donation HERE.

Most of you know I have been supporting the Meningitis Trust now for quite some time - the work they do is quite amazing but you can help too. Just by reading a little about the signs and symptoms, you might be able to spot it in someone before it takes hold - if you want to learn more, please see this LINK to their website.

Finally, I've had to put the camera down for a bit as the running and organising start to pile up.. last week I did about 39 miles.. which is about average - I'm going to start counting my walking miles also, just to see what sort of distance I cover over a week.. more of that next week.. and much more..
catch you then - and thanks for reading.