Tuesday, 5 April 2011

MDS day 2

Ray completed his 38km race. First thingin the morning there was a huge sandstorm which made the going even more tough, it kept up all day. there is a video on the site to show how bad it was. Although he says he had a better day than yesterday and managed to finish quicker over a longer distance, his shoulder feels a lot better especially as he found a new way to use his Baffin slippers.... yep extra thick shoulder straps. lol
The not so good news is he now has a "volcano like blister under his toenail", he hasn't visited the doctor yet but it could be on the cards this morning if it hasn't gone down. (we all know ray, minor ailments are never gonna stop this guy from his goal.... madman).
He even talks about looking forward to the other 112 miles left to do. He says there are 2 girls in his tent who are also suffering really badly with blisters so he can soldier on if they can. Ray has now moved into position 500 of 860 people which is amazing.
remember you can check his times, the sandstorm and a brief update on:-
http://www.darbaroud.com/ entering his race number 880.
and if you feel inspired to donate do it on here:-
http://www.justgiving.com/mds2011  it would be great for him to come back and we have pushed the total to £8000


  1. Just checked the site and that sandstorm looked wild! Look after that blister Ray!

  2. Hats off to you mate!! We'll keep up to date with your blog and look forward to seeing you when you're back and rested!!! Love,Blonde Sarahxx

  3. ..you've also got to meet baby Ava before no.2 pops out!!! xxx