Monday, 4 April 2011

Day One of Ray's Challenge

Hi everyone, i'm Rob, a friend of Ray who right now is running the Sahara MDS for the Meningitis Trust.
He has asked me to update his blog with news of how he is doing so i will try to do him justice.  :OP
Day one went well having done 33km, through some rocky terrain and huge sand dunes up to 800m high.
Ray walked most of the way except for the first section, he says the temperatures were averaging about 33C so is drinking a lot of water. He is thankfully blister free but his shoulders are aching a bit from carrying the heavy rucksack, he calculates he will be losing about 800 grams a day with the food consumption and such.
He loved his first night under the stars and was looking forward to his 38km race today.

you can follow Ray by going onto:- enter his number (880) on the Competitors list to check his times or click on roadbook to get a better understanding of what he is going through each day.

If after you have checked him out you would like to donate or help the charity please click on this link. 
Thanks for your time.  Go RAY GO !!!


  1. GO RAY!!

    Ray you are an inspiration to everyone here at the Trust. We aim to be there for everyone who has had experienced meningitis, and we can only achieve that aim with people like you.

    We are so grateful and proud of what you have achieved so far, take it steady and be careful!

    From Liz, Amy and everyone at the Meningitis Trust.

  2. You can also write him a letter of encouragement here, which he should hopefully get when he crosses the line every day:

  3. Thanks for the updates! I've been thinking about him & his progress!!

  4. Well done Ray, I have been following your progress and you seem to be moving up the field. Great effort.

  5. Keep up the good work Ray!

  6. You are doing awesome, hun!! xx

  7. Good to hear that it's all going well so far. Can't wait to hear how the rest of it goes.