Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 3 of Ray's MDS Challenge

Ray sent me a short email today as the queue for the emails was very long but here are the details.
"today was my best day so far as i ran 75% of the route", he said it was very tough with at one point climbing  1.6km.
 Bad news was it was ridiculously painful on his feet, he had to see the doctor 30 minutes into the race as both his heels blew up and he had 4 blisters all on different toes!!!  ouch
The volcano one from yesterday was a mess (a bit too much details here ) but he is hopeful they will be fine for todays 50 mile run. there may be no email tomorrow as he says he may be too tired to queue up again, he is over the moon for all the notes and emails he has been receiving so keep it up guys and gals as i think it is really helping him. You can send messages on the website below, select write to a competitor..
and don't forget the charity website
Ray is doing something really special here, its obviously not a normal thing to do so lets get behind him. He is taking lots of photos and video for his adventure.

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