Thursday, 24 March 2011

one week to go

Picture from my trip to Utah: Canyonlands National Park ~ Island in the Sky... It reminds me of the vastness that is the Sahara Desert.. 3,630,000 sq mi!!,,, I mean come on - that's HUGE!.. I'm only going to run about 152 miles or so - that TO ME sounds a lot better! lol..

Utah: Canyonlands National Park ~ Island in the Sky
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A lot of questions have been asked just lately as people get the idea of what I am actually about to do - well there is a program on the Discovery Channel tonight (24th April '11)at 9pm that will explain everything!.. look here for a glimpse.... .
Training wise everything is on target now - little adjustments are being made as mistakes or missing items come up.. it's a mine of discovery for myself as I go into the unknown. I guess this might sound a bit dramatic sometimes but until you have actually prepared or taken part in something like this you will never really know. Truth is - I CAN'T WAIT! I'm really excited about the prospect of pushing myself to the limit and that bit extra that will be needed..CHARITY: I'm running for the Meningitis Trust - you can donate easily online from the following link :
Race information.. I am number 880 and can be followed or emailed from the organisors website :
Routine: I go away on 31st March to Ouarzazate in Morocco. Transfer to hotel and check in for the night.. 1st April we leave for the desert - possibly a 7-8 hour coach ride into the Sahara and the bivouac (campsite).. The race actually begins on Sunday April 3rd - and from when we wake on this morning we will become self sufficient !!... Race lasts until Saturday April 9th,, after which we are transported back to the hotel and I return to the UK on 11th April..

NEXT: After that I have arranged a party on 15th April at the Chapel Bar in Angel..
FB:!/event.php?eid=191174047575454 Address: 29a Penton Street,London from 9pm - 3am!


  1. Good luck!!

  2. good luck ray, will be following you via the organiser's website.

  3. Best of luck and have a great time - make sure you enjoy it! Look forward to reading your report when you get back.

  4. Maaate have a really good race will be keeping tabs from good ol NZ..