Monday, 28 March 2011

Last minute things...

So I only have a few days to go now until my flight to Morocco.. Over the last few days I've been stuffing in some extra food and cutting down on my mileage.. Last weeks total miles was about 67 which is quite a dip - this week however will be hardly any at all!... Must rest those muscles! Mind you I am still taking the large rucksack to work with about 10kg of weight in it.
My impression of what my race number will look like

I had a slight scare - toothache on waking Sunday morning! So plans have changes a little.. I got it checked out today at the dentist but apparently (and hopefully) its just sinusitis.. Quick change of diet should put that right. Si I have three nights left in the UK... and tomorrow my last day at work! I'm so glad I put that extra day in because there are plenty of things to do in it.. Bag packing - hair cut - medical to name but a few...
So all the training - all the preparation is now done.. no more more time to fit anything in!.. A quick session at the gym tomorrow and maybe Wednesday but that's it! I keep looking at everything laid out on my bedroom floor wondering if I have forgotten anything... well... we'll soon find out!! ... LOL!
Charity donations at time of writing = £7,175!! Any amazing amount of money.. if you have not given yet and wish to - you can do so here: you can also read more about the Meningitis Trust here:

I'll be doing a LAST POST before I got with all the 'follow' details on it so please come back for more then - thanks for reading ...

Ray :)

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  1. Ooh, exciting! Have a great time and good luck. Hope you get a few photos too.