Thursday, 3 March 2011

injuries and other annoying pastimes

It's actually about 6 weeks since i had a full weeks running... that was a problem with my left achilles that started it all off.. I gave that plenty of time to heal - then there was an issue with left foot again - this time my ankle on the instep (right side)... pfftt!... Anyway - I ran last week for 5 miles and it still nagged a little so I left it until last night to run again..
So yesterday morning I went to work - walking as always and on the way home found a new pain in my right foot this time.. at the front of the ankle!.. WTF!... Anyway - it didn't seem serious and I went for my run all the same.. as you do ;)
The run start ok but as i got to half way the pain began again and by the end i was ready to give up anyway.. indoors RICE treatment, but the pain still was there - even waking this morning in bed i could feel it.. oh no - what heck , am i falling apart?.. To work I walk - pain all the way even limping a little, now I am getting a little depressed. BUT..........
However, I got to work and at my desk something strange happened.. my right ankle 'clicked' - I was doing some heel raises at the time under my desk - yes - i do this at work.. ;) .. Now the weird thing is the pain has GONE.. as quickly as it arrived.. ok - now this is just freaking me out! So I am going to the gym as planned tonight and might even get on the treadmill - if the walk to the gym is ok...
NB: A similar thing happened about a year ago - i started to run - pain in front of ankle - so i stopped.. woke up in the morning and no pain pain - went for a run that evening and no pain..
THOUGHTS: I'm thinking this could be some sort of nerve issue.. if so I guess everything fits - you can get creams for this sort of thing so i might try that.. will also report back after tonight's gym... very strange though - maybe I'm getting all MdS'ish ?? ;)


  1. In 2006 I did four marathons for the Trust - London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff. London was my first, and eights days later was Belfast. The day before Belfast I had a pain in my foot, it worried me, as the race was the next day. When I woke up, all was normal.

    Bodies do funny things!

    Hope you stay pain free!

  2. Hmm. Good luck figuring it out, almost sounds like a chiro might be your answer. But hopefully what "clicked" stays locked and loaded!

  3. Fingers crossed that the pain stays gone!