Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Follow 880...

Ok - I'm just a little bit excited about the Marathon des Sables.. I leave from the UK tomorrow and today is sorting out day.. I have a medical to attend , I get an ECG there and need to take the results to the MdS officials... Haircut - blatantly!! ... Rucksack and luggage packing - must not forgot anything... the lists have been made! Tidy up flat a little and do these last online bits and pieces for you guys... all done in a careful, slow paced and organised way so I don't panic!! ;)

So - when I am away you will be able to 'follow' me online at and my number is 880! This will be avaliable when the race starts and not before!.. The race starts Sunday 3rd April. Currently Morocco is 1 hour behind our clocks in the UK. There will also be video clips and photos on the site at the end of each day's session.

The race will also be televised although details at the moment are sketchy at best... Stations like TV5, Sky & Eurosport will be doing updates similar to the website... information about this can be found here:

I hope to get an email out every day which my good friend Rob will post on here and link to my various social networking sites... Otherwise I will be blogging every day and will upload that as soon as I POssibley can after the event - we actually finish on Saturday April 9th! And i'll be coming back to the UK on April 11th...

Party: For those of you who can get to it I'm have a fund-raising / homecoming party on April 15th.. It's at the Chapel Bar, 29a Penton St, London - nearest Tube, ANGEL. It's from 9pm til 3am and a fiver to get in ,,,, ALL proceeds are going to my charity - The Meningitis Trust! To raise the total a little more...

That's it!.. THANKS for all your support and generous donations - I'll be printing out ALL the comments from my photo on Facebook HERE and taking it with me to remind me how supportive you guys are so please add something on there... and see you on the other side X


  1. Very nice number 880 ! It will bring a good luck to you :)


  2. Can't wait to read about it! Have a great time!