Friday, 4 March 2011

Arizona here I come!

What a difference a day makes!.. After yesterdays 'worries' my visit to the gym went fine - in fact I did a long pain free session including 10km of running :) ...
One more day of work and then another short run in the evening... and then I'm off...

No blog on Monday as I'm going to Arizona for a week. I've missed my photography A LOT during the last couple of month's and I need to get out there and get some shots.. I've always liked the landscape this place has to offer but have never been,, so it makes sense to combine a bit of training (walking / hiking) with a bit of tourism.. Arizona - the perfect place..
It may not be that hot at this time of year but it's not the heat I'm going away for.. I need a break too.. all the MdS stuff is taking over my life - from when i get up till bed time.. I need to get away and put my mind to a different use.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon and some other National Parks that mould the AZ landscape - looking forward to photographing them too - who knows I might even go for a cheeky run or two alongside the crater ;) ...


  1. Wow, Arizona sounds lovely. Have a great holiday!

  2. Hi Ray, just seen the comment you put on my blog from MDS 2009. Just wanted to wish you all the very best for this year's race. I'm sure you will love every minute (or most!).. good luck and fingers crossed for good conditions for you! x