Monday, 28 February 2011

what do you wear in the desert for a week?

Good day peeps.. hope you are all well. So I only have a one month to go until the Marathon des Sables.. 31 days - that's all!.. So last week was a good weeks training - I managed to log 100 miles and 53 of those miles were walked.. I can honestly say my body is starting to complain now but the injuries are not - which is even better news. This week will be fairly light before I go to Arizona on Saturday 5th.
So this will make you laugh if you haven't already .....

Yeah that's me in pretty much my desert clobber.. So let me go through the numbers and explain what's what.
1) Trekmates Cool Sahara Cap - with that sexy looking mane going down the back of my neck ;) . This one comes with a special lining that once wet will keep it cool for 2-3 days.
2) Polaroid Oxyquatic P7006A Sunglasses - they have a strap round the back for windy moments and are fairly tight to the face without being uncomfortable.
3) Cobber - this neck-tie will, like the hat, keep cool for days once it has been submerged in water.
4) OMM Classic Marathon 32L Backpack - although i have tested many this is by far my favourite one - I have a front pack too but i am not sure yet if i will need it.. testing packing this week! (stay tuned for more on that)
5) Nike Pro Compression Vest Skin (under t-shirt) - this collects sweat and helps keep you dry - it also prevents rubbing.
6) Helly Hansen Dry Stripe Tee Shirt - worn loose to wick sweat away again - obviously white to reflect some of the suns rays.
7) Timex Shock Ironman Watch - not taking Garmin with me - this watch will do everything I need - the timing chip that MdS give me will do the rest.
8) Adidas Multi Sport Shorts - NOT the ones in the photo.. these will be white to reflect heat and again are very much like the t shirt, loose and quick drying.
9) Nike Pro Compression Shorts - tight and comfy to keep everything in place and prevent rubbing ;)
10) Sandbaggers Silk Gaiters - to keep the sand OUT of my trainers and off my feet.. They have been stitched to velcro and velcro stitched to the trainers..
11) INOV-8 Roclite 315 trainers - one whole size too large..
11b) Injinji & Wrightsock Socks - 2 pairs to start with - the Injinji's will go on first to stop my toes rubbing against each other and then the Wrightsocks over those until my feet swell up in the heat and i'll lose those.
This clothing list is by no means the best form of everything.. these are items that have worked for me and in some cases hopefully will work.. ie the gaiters... When I get back I'll let you know what did and didn't work as I won't really know anything until i'm dropped in the Sahara wearing pretty much what you see here.... Hmmmm... the fear begins to creep in ;)
NB : People reading this regarding desert races - please read my about what DID and DID NOT work for me during the race..

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of stuff to remember to put on. Great modelling by the way!

  2. Well planned wardrobe, there Ray. Are you getting excited?

  3. great stuff ray but be careful if the french foreign legion are in the vicinity they might think they have a new recruit :)