Monday, 7 February 2011

A run free week!

52 days to go now and it still has not really sunk in as to what awaits me on the MdS. Sure, I'm planning like crazy but the reality of it all is yet to strike.. I'm guessing that will happen when i get back from Arizona.. i'm going there from March 5 - 12.
So this week training has continued but without any running at all - I've still managed to log 82 miles by mainly walking and cycling although that does it include a few other workouts... It all adds up at the end of the week and miles and endurance counts. Walking with weights has encouraged me a lot, after all, I'm not kidding anyone that I'm going to run the whole distance - far from it!
I was going to bring my Sand test report to you today but I cancelled the visit to Camber because of my injury.. that will or should take place NEXT Saturday now.
The weekend after that is the London Ultra.. a 50km foot race which i should be taking part in.. if I do decide to go for it - you can be sure I will not be going as fast as planned or my heal will flare up again... so this is yet to be called whether or not I'm going to do it.. More next week.

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Ray :)


  1. well done sticking with the training this week. am sure you'll see the bigger picture and do the right thing in terms of whether or not to compete in the london ultra. no point taking risks at this stage. have a good week, ray

  2. Hm, 52 days is not that long is it? Sounds as though you are laying down some great preparation though. Look forward to following the training over the next few weeks!

  3. well done for keeping the training going without running. You really are an inspiration Ray