Monday, 21 February 2011

Marathon des Sables in 38 days..

Actually I hope to do it in 6 but given that it is only 38 days away my thoughts are now up and down the scale like you wouldn't believe.. ie - one minute I am full of confindence and the next worries start to creep in.
Running for instance - I managed 30 miles last week - not bad but I am so missing my long runs.. the achilles strain is fine but I have another niggle in the inner left ankle.. gait issue I think - so I have renewed my shoes in hope that is what the problem is.. The funny thing is 3 or 4 monthes ago a niggle like this would not have bothered me but now so close to the race it feels like much more.. I know its not and then I change my mind - lol! So for the hell of it i'm going to take a few days off running and reduce the rucksack weight for walking... So another large mileage week passed - not as large as the week before - just 86 miles logged and again cycling was the main contender... good to be back running though.
In other news most of my kit has now been bought and is ready for the off.. only a few items left to trial and test or to buy.. I'm also compiling a food list - menu sort of thingy for each day.. I've asked a couple of companies to provide some test samples also so lets hope they come though... buying all this equipment and food is expensive business!
A few people have asked "how do you fit it all in".. by this i think they mean training,,, hmmm.. so i'll be doing a midweek blog with a diary of an average day for me - watch out for that.. take care y'all!


  1. raymondo - possible to see what you are taking with you and how you are going to fit it all in your rucksack? that would be well cool. cheers mate and have a good week, and no niggles

  2. We are all thinking about you you are so brave to be doing this dont worry it will all be good in the end and you will succeed lots of love from Hungerden and the Georges xxxxxxxxxx