Monday, 14 February 2011

Good and Bad news

45 days to go now and training takes a hike up and an Ultra let down! Firstly the good news that my goal of 100 miles was achieved last week - in fact I managed 105. The distance was put together by sessions including walking, cycling and running! Yes I'm running again - although not far but the achilles strain is holding out - so far, so good. It's been a bit annoying not being able to run however, I don't want to spoil the good work by running too far and injuring it again...

With the injury in mind I have pulled out of the London Ultra on the 20th Feb.. I could possibly walk it but that also may be a bad idea,, I know i'd make the distance ( 50 k) but in the long run my fitness is important as i go into March.. So I have deferred to next year on that.

Did some different and more intense training Saturday morning as Rob put me through my paces at St James Park. He made do various things including some work on steps and with weights.. it was fun although tiring after a hard week - in fact my arms are still aching now ;)
Equipment wise I am still waiting on quite a lot of items to be delivered. My first aid kit is nearly complete and the testing of food, should finish by the end of this week..

I had pasta with cheese and ham to try today - tasted nice but a a bit OTT on the onions.

TIPS: You are supposed to add boiling way to the packet and re-seal it for 5 mins.. I found this difficult to mix and some of the food was still not re-formed after five minutes. So I have mixed a few (as in the photo) in a separate airtight bowl - this is very good and the perfect way to go.. However, using this method will add an item to my list (the bowl and lid) and also require some sort of washing.. the cons may out way the pros on this and I think the packet solution could be the way to go in the end..

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  1. can you get ready hydrated, military style meals.they can be eaten hot or cold, no mixing required.
    Glad you're running again.

  2. you can Lena but they obviously weight more x

  3. But you have to carry more water for the dehydrated ones

  4. you are giving water in ammounts such as 2 litres regardless.. so its not a problem really.. you are giving more water at 'camp' at the end of the days session.. water is up to 11 litres a day so i am told x

  5. so this is your weapon...
    thanks for sharing...