Wednesday, 23 February 2011

a day in the life - training for the mds

A few people have asked me how do i fit everything in my life at the moment,, the truth is, its not easy - my friend Rob is helping me organise things and we have weekly meetings so that nothing is forgotten. Work has to come first but apart from that - right now - everything revolves around training. That's not easy when you remember that 'daily tasks' like cleaning washing and eating you have to do... So right now, every day is a training day and everything i do is just that.. here's an example of a weekday at the moment.
05:15 wake up, 20-25 minutes of stretches and exercises . after which i have a large breakfast and then get ready for work..
06:30 leave for work - I always walk to work, its a little over a mile from my flat - just lately I have been putting extra weight in my rucksack from 8kg up to 12kg.
06:50 arrive at work - start at 07:00 and I work until 16:00... While at work I have to find time to do any orders for equipment or food online - its better this way and leaves me more time to training - although it can be more expensive - some items have been acquired through ebay which balances it out.
16:00 leave work - walk to gym.. its about a mile again so another short workout.
16:20 arrive at gym... sessions can last from two to two and a half hours.. longer over the weekends..
18:20 leave gym - walk to shops - i need to do some food shopping - can't do this online, prefer to choose my items..
19:15 arrive home - make a sandwich.. I'd eaten a larger meal at work midday - I've been swapping my meals around depending on what I'm doing after work - but usually the main meal is eaten at midday now.
19:45 time to catch up on the social network - I update throughout the day from work and my mobile but my main writing and updating is done around this time - some days I get more time than others..
20:15 press shots - I tried on my kit and Rob took some photos for the press and social networks.. all good fun.
20:30... rest.. I usually get time to watch a film and relax about here. Although some days i have been going out for late walks with a heavy rucksack, so it does depend on the day.
23:00 bed.. I TRY to get to bed by 11pm, its not always the case but what you save on one day you gain on another.. after all - I'm up at 05:15 again tomorrow :)

And that is basically it - not every day is gym day - some days I'll be running instead or on the cycle..I do mix it up... weekends do differ a little and it is possible to get out and socialise a little more. If that happens in the week, training has to go around it.. either before, after or both.

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  1. I'm shattered reading it. Well done, for managing to keep the balance. Wont be long now till the MDS and all the training will pay off