Tuesday, 18 January 2011

72 days til the Marathon de Sables 2011!

So with just 72 odd days to go to till I do the Marathon de Sables, I thought I'd let you know briefly as to what's been happening and what will come over the next two month's..
November and the beginning of December last year were bad times - being ill and injured took me out for a little over a month.. Gladly I'm back on track now and it's nice the miles are ticking over again. I'm looking looking to over-do the mileage but between 30-40 miles a week should do me just fine - there should not be any major distractions now either so that's good news..
One of my best pal's; Rob, will be helping me get organised also, I think it's important i take a step back sometimes and the best way of doing that is ask another person's advice.
So over the next few weeks I'll be testing out food and equipment and adding some more miles.. the next and in fact only race before the MdS is the London Ultra - on Feb 20th.. perfect date as it still leaves me 5 weeks till I leave for Morocco on March 31. The London Ultra is 50km long (aprox 31 miles) and starts in Streatham and finishes in Wembley... Should be a good test.
5th March I go away to Arizona to do a LOT of walking - again out there I'll be testing equipment and food, plus testing my own sense in a remote place.. Of coarse I'll be taking my camera too ;)
When I return I'll have about 3 weeks until I flight out to the MdS in Morocco!! March 31!! Can't wait!
I return back on April 11 and with the help of another good friend (Amanda), will be organising a fund-raising party - which will hopefully be also a celebration of me completing this challenge...
More details of these points to come...
Regards, Ray ~xo

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  1. WOW RAY....i can't contain the excitement for you,too!!! You're one of those who inspire me,too to try harder on my naive running hehehe
    Way to go!!!! Inspire us all! ;p