Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bath Trip

Bath sits right by Bristol on the map but has more history and in my opinion - more picturesque. It was an early start out from Earls Court and on the mini bus to the destination. There was only a few of us on this trip but a perfect number really. We arrived and met another member and after having some lunch we started our walk.
The city has a lot to offer in the way of stone architecture and every street corner there seemed to be another photo opportunity.

Famous sites include the weir (above), the Abbey, the Roman Baths, the Circus and not forgetting the Royal Crescent. We were not blessed with perfect weather but that's not a bad thing and you are constantly being tested as far as the light goes.. I've processed some pictures and uploaded them to my Facebook group.. you can click on the following image and it will take you there,,

Bath is really worth a visit whether you are travelling to the UK or already live here.. it's a beautiful place with some welcoming people. We were even given a free walking tour of the inner city.. these tours start daily from the Bath Abbey,.,, enjoy.