Saturday, 30 January 2010

Photography Meetups winter theme competition

Well I have some good news to share.. one of my shots just one a competition :)
I belong to a Photo Meetup group, as you may know. They had a winter themed competition and my above image came in first place.! I'm stunned and happy at the same time as we have a lot of very talented photographers in the group... The other good news is that my shot is that it will be on show, with some other images from the group at Putney Library from 14 Feb - 6 Mar. the address is 5/7 Disraeli Road, London, SW15 2DR > more details are here.
Details about the shot. I have to say it's not one of my favourites but from a shoot I did in Jan 2009 at Richmond Park in Surrey (not far from Putney). The temperature was about -6C and everything was covered in frost - including me by the end of the morning. More examples from that and other days to Richmond Park can be seen at my Flickr Account.
If you live in or around London and are interested in joining the group, here is the Photography Meetup website:


Friday, 29 January 2010

Your chauffeur awaits m'lady

Your chauffeur awaits m'lady
Originally uploaded by Ray Wise

Last summer I went with my sister and family to Hever Castle in Kent.. there was a wedding on there and I was lucky with this shot when the Rolls Royce arrived it parked plumb in front of me. Luckily there was nobody around to erase from the shot and I got a clean image.. The castle frankly dominates the shot for me and the car just an interesting feature. I used a sepia tone to bring out the contrast better however, the colour version works well too.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Movies seen lately

For full reviews go to my Flixter page.. However, all the films i've seen lately tend to be on a par with each other as ratings go.. My opinion may not count for much but i like to let you know what i think and who knows, it may save you some money :)
My favourite of the bunch was It's Complicated - a romantic comedy with a twist - or two... or three. Meryl Streep stars along side some great acting from co star Alec Balwin. Steve Martin also plays an important role however, i did find his work a little dull and doesn't really add to the comedy value.

(Matt Damon)

The Informant was a great suprise - starring Matt Damon this is a true story about a business man who turns informer on his company.. Damon plays a great part and really shows us his true acting colours which is nice to see... I hear also he is making another Bourne film - could this be a step in the wrong direction? We'll have to wait and see..
The other two are fairly run of the mill action thrillers which are a good ride but nothing much to write home about.. Watching out for Fish Tank and 44 Inch Chest - two British films which are receiving some great reviews - hope to bring you these real soon...x

Monday, 25 January 2010

Photo Mettups - Battersea

Every month or so I attend a photo group meetup organised through Facebook. They also have their own site : . We go to various places al over London - this time we went to Battersea Park and surrounding areas. Its always a nice day out and a great chance to meet other people interested in photography also.

Well the weather was very grey and cold - it wasn't long before the gloves came out. But the worse thing was that the light was poor. Grey cloud covered the sky for most of the time we were out and this made getting some good shots difficult. I had to bump up my ISO to get as much light in as possible.. Still, there were plenty of people out and children on scooters - all making great subjects :)

Top shot is from a rose garden which had some interesting features including this item.. I used bleaching techniques to get the effect. Above a shot across one of the small lakes - the building is a pump station which looked nice in the frame.. Processed in HDR. Below, is a simple effect gained from opening up the aperture and using the curve of the fence to take you to the people - a bit of abstract fun.

All the photos from the day are in my Facebook Album if you have access.