Friday, 22 January 2010

New Website - Ray Wise Photography

I've finally gone ahead and bought my own domain and set up a photography portfolio. Here's the link . The site is broken down into a few categories and will show my style of photography across these ranges. Users can add comments without logging in and add links to their own sites or others.
I have to say thanks to my many Flickr friends who have given me the encouragement to pursue this idea. Their comments have given me belief in myself to go forward and take a chance in the professional world. Thanks also to Getty Images for giving me the chance to share my work in their database - some of which have been licensed already.
Have a look at the new site - please let me know what you think of the design and any problems you might find.. cheers.

Monday, 18 January 2010

a little love goes a long way....x

a little love goes a long way....x
Originally uploaded by Ray Wise

I've been looking at this image for a while wondering weather to upload it or not.. However, blending it with the Haiti disaster made a lot of sense because a picture paints a thousand words and what I had to say went with the photo..
I think too many of us take our lives for granted - going about our daily habits, regardless of others less fortunate. Even walking down the road for others is either impossible or fearful. There's a well know saying that goes - there is always someone worse off than you.. this is true to a point - but someone is always on the bottom of that list.. think for a minute about that..
brings it home doesn't it? I find that bringing myself back down to earth is a good thing and I try to do this often. Events like the Haiti Earthquake hits everyone in such a shocking way that we all feel this. However, if we all remembered this at least once a day throughout our lives, I'm sure that the world would be a happier and peaceful place. x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

40 mile week

Another Sunday gone and this is the stage I tot up my weeks running miles... So this week, I ran every other day starting Monday -11 miles, Wednesday - 8 miles, Friday - 7 miles and today - 15 miles. This makes this week a 41 mile week.. great news as I thought it was going to be tough to achieve this through the winter - without the use of a dreadmill... but lets face it, anything longer than 30 minutes on one of those things and you are just sooo bored.
It's always nicer to get out on the street and run there. So I have been increasing the length of my runs from 7 miles and over. The shortest used to be 5 miles which I'm glad to put behind me. This coming week I may cut back to around 30 miles again but I will see how it goes.
The best news is I am feeling very fit without many aches and pains (there are always a few). I've probably put the mockers on it by saying that but hey ho.. The only thing I think will happen soon is me buying new trainers... the present ones are still ok - but the mileage is up and heels are starting to wear down.. must buy some new ones at the end of the month..
Happy Travels..x