Tuesday, 30 November 2010


just a quick post to update you on my illness - thanks for all the well wishes by email, text and tweets - sorry i have not answered them all.
On Friday night my abdomen area started hurting.. this persisted all weekend and was both uncomfortable and painful.. I wasn't taking food and barely any water either.. when i did, it was painful after a while as food was digested.. So Sunday night i went to A&E at the Whittington Hosp.
They took me in and was concerned about this and i also had a low heart rate: 36 at one point. So they did lots of tests and after giving me morphine, kept me in overnight.
Monday was the same and i tried to eat but the pain returned after a while.. when all the tested had completed and the doctors were happy it was nothing serious i was allowed to go home. Unfortunately they could not tell me what the problem was - it could be food poisoning or a pulled muscle..??
Anyway as i write i am still weak as i am not eating much - just two slices of bread today but at least the pain has not returned yet,, so maybe i am starting to get better... Hope so, i have booked a trip to Scotland next week..lol..
Ok, thanks again for you wishes - that's how things stand now..
Ray x


  1. Aww mate, thats pants, whats worse is that the docs dont know what it is either :(All really worried about after reading you were in hospital for tests.Bloody hell heart rate of 36????? Always think bad tho when hearing that news. Glad to hear that your feeling a little bit better even tho still weak. Need to bulid stength slowly, small meals little n often.
    Thanks for keeping us udated, can worry slightly less about you now :) Hope you feel better soon, rest up, go easy n eat as much as your body will allow without pain or discomfort. Hopefully was just a little bit of food poisioning and nothing else. Any doubts mate get back to hossy.
    Wont bother you with texts n calls, just keep us updated when you can
    Sending hugs n get well vibes

  2. Hope it is all behind you now, rest and recover. Enjoy your trip, take loads of pics.x

  3. take it easy mate and get well soon