Monday, 17 May 2010

Smoothie & Richmond Park

Firstly here is my latest smoothie video which is a Carrot & Orange flavoured one containing vitamins such as C & A.. very healthy - this should be really well blended as the carrots takes time to become smooth....

So that's the recipe for today..
I'm sorry not to have blogged for a while - I've been a bit slack and I'll sort that out.. however, there is plenty to say so I might split this post into 2..
I'll leave the running for the next post but in brief I have now fully recovered from the London Marathon and am already looking forward to my next race. I've also started using compression socks which seem to help - however, more about them in this other post later in the week.!!

This weekend was fun from beginning to end and was always going to be tiring.. on Saturday I ran 17.5 miles and then had to go see my parents in the afternoon / evening as it was their wedding anniversary.. a lovely time we had too.
Sunday was a very early start.. I was due to wake at 2.30am but someone revving up their motorbike woke me at 2am... so up i got... Richmond Park was the target and to get there by 5.10 - sunrise time.
Now from my flat it usually takes 2 hours at this time of the morning but i had an absolute nightmare with the buses and I did not arrive till 05.30..!! GUTTED! .. so i missed the best part of the sunrise and dawn before that but i still managed to get some ok shots..

The above shot was one of my first.. you can see there was a lovely misty fog coming up off the stream.. perfect really.. even more annoying i was late. :( Still - you have to make the best of a bad thing sometimes and I walked around for some time shooting various nature themes and landscapes. Later in the morning I came across some Canadian Geese and their gosling's.. i used a Nutragrain Bar to tempt them close and got some fun shots up close..

Richmond Park is most certainly one of my favourite places in London to spend time with the camera.. with all the deer and other wildlife it's always a joy.. You can see the rest of my photos on Facebook .

These photos are all un-edited, in time I'll choose my favourites and edit a few for Flickr... lookout for another blog later in the week about running.. hope you try and enjoy the smoothie!!

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  1. Love, Love, Love your smoothie vids bud. Always entertaining as well as genuinely bloody good ;-)
    Your fliz are amazing. I love how you've captured the mist with the sun coming thru the trees - gorgeous. And that 2nd one with the chic is adorable - just look at that sky too - vcant believe theyre uneditied. Fantastic mate. Great work x