Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Movies seen lately

For full reviews go to my Flixter page.. However, all the films i've seen lately tend to be on a par with each other as ratings go.. My opinion may not count for much but i like to let you know what i think and who knows, it may save you some money :)
My favourite of the bunch was It's Complicated - a romantic comedy with a twist - or two... or three. Meryl Streep stars along side some great acting from co star Alec Balwin. Steve Martin also plays an important role however, i did find his work a little dull and doesn't really add to the comedy value.

(Matt Damon)

The Informant was a great suprise - starring Matt Damon this is a true story about a business man who turns informer on his company.. Damon plays a great part and really shows us his true acting colours which is nice to see... I hear also he is making another Bourne film - could this be a step in the wrong direction? We'll have to wait and see..
The other two are fairly run of the mill action thrillers which are a good ride but nothing much to write home about.. Watching out for Fish Tank and 44 Inch Chest - two British films which are receiving some great reviews - hope to bring you these real soon...x

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  1. I love your reviews - you write them extremely well, very keen observations! Please keep them coming! I also enjoyed It's Complicated and The Informant very much! Great acting, entertaining, complex characters - and also interesting themes.